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Serving 10,000+ CEMS Alumni worldwide while maintaining communication on behalf of the alumni with the CEMS students, CEMS schools, and CEMS corporate partners, we still strive to answer each message we received from you as quickly as possible. To make sure you can have your problem solved easier and faster, we collect the most frequently asked questions and provide the most applicable answers in this section.


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Get involved

How can I stay involved after graduating from CEMS?

There are several ways you can stay in touch with the CEMS community and other CEMSies even after graduating.

I am working at one of CEMS 70+ corporate partners. Is there any way I can know other CEMSies who are also working in the company?

We are establishing the CEMS intra-company groups among our 70+ corporate partners. Find out more information here. Or contact us if there is still not yet one in the company you are working at.


I just arrived in a new country/city. How can I find other CEMSies?

Find out if there is already a Local Committee (LC) in the country you will be relocated to. From there you can find the contact information of the LC Board. Furthermore, you can also check the calendar to see if there is an upcoming event.

If there is still not yet an LC in the country/ city you are moving to, maybe you can initiate on by contacting us!


How do I become a member? 

CAA offers two types of membership: annual €60 and lifelong €600.

Please visit our membership page to sign up!

What are the benefits of becoming a contributing member?

We have prepared a detailed page for this question.

I live and work in different countries. Can I sign up for membership in multiple countries?

The CAA membership is valid globally. So you only need one membership to enjoy the benefits to access social and professional events around the world. We recommend you to sign up for the Local Committee located in the country/city where you spend most of your time in and keep in touch with other LCs you are interested in via their social media and newsletters. You can also check the global calendar to find out all the upcoming CEMS Alumni events.

“I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?”

Go to and follow the instruction till the end. If you cannot recall which e-mail address you had provided to CEMS or cannot access this e-mail anymore, make sure to provide a scan of an ID or of your CEMS certificate.

“I am experiencing trouble logging on to” How can I get assistance? 

Please take a screenshot for the trouble you are experiencing and send it together with your full name and home school to

Payment system does not work?

Please contact us directly and we will help you solve this issue in the shortest time.  It will save us a lot of time finding out what might be wrong if you can take a screenshot to show us what you encountered.

How do I change my cems forwarding e-mail?

Log-in to your CEMS profile
In the left-handed menu, find “VIEW MY PROFILE” and select “Edit My Profile”

Then you have to choose the target of your cemsmail

Alumni Private Zone Menu
Alumni Private Zone Menu

Go to the “Identity” tab and find the “Home current contact” section


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