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  • Cultural Intelligence: How Much Do I Need to Know?

    Jul 12, 2019

    I am often asked how much we really need to know about other cultures, and whether or not "head" knowledge about cultural differences really matters. Is it not enough to be aware of possible differences in attitude and behaviors—to just "assume difference"?

    Read more from Marie-Therese Claes Ph.D. a Professor of Cross-Cultural Management at Louvain School of Management, University of Louvain, Belgium. She teaches in the CEMS Masters in International Management and is part of the Global Leadership Faculty Group. She is a regular contributor on Nurturing Cultural Intelligence from Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/nurturing-cultural-intelligence/201907/cultural-intelligence-how-much-do-i-need-know

    12 Jul 2019

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